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    Samved Orthopaedic Hospital
    "Samved" Hospital
    3rd Floor, Near Sopan Flats, On Stadium Circle to Commerce College Six Roads, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad - 380 009.
    Tel: +91 79 2656 2993
    Email: samvedortho@yahoo.com

Emergency Helpline No: +91 - 89805 95959

Nearby Tourist Attractions

Sidi Saiyad Mosque

Sidi Saiyad MosqueThis elegant mosque is noted for its twin windows of pierced stone, worked in style of a tree with palm leaves and curving tendrils. A superb and peerless example of delicate carving that transforms stone into filigree. It was constructed by Sidi Saiyad, a slave of Ahmed Shah, and has beautiful carved stone windows depicting the intricate intertwining of the branches of a tree. Wooden models of these windows, a fine example of Indo-Sarcenic architecture are kept in the New York and Kensington museums.

Hathee Singh Jain Temple

Hathee Singh Jain TempleHathee Singh Jain Temple was built outside Delhi Gate in 1850 by a rich Jain Merchant. This is the best known of Ahmedabad's many ornate Jain Temples. Built of pure white marble and profusely decorated with rich carvings, the Hathee Singh Temple is dedicated to Dharamanath.

Science City

Science CityThe Science City in Ahmedabad is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city. You can come to this educational center to learn about how the city and the state of Gujarat as a whole is progressing in the field of science and technology.

The Science City in Ahmedabad was set up by the Government of Gujarat to highlight its eagerness to promote scientific thought and develop in the field of science and technology. Located on Sola Santej Road, the Gujarat Science City, as it is also called, offers extensive educational and entertainment options to the tourists.

Sabarmati Ashram

Sabarmati AshramThis ashram was Gandhi's headquarters during the long struggle for Indian independence. His ashram was founded in 1915 and still makes handicraft, handmade paper and spinning wheels. Gandhi's spartan living quarter is preserved as a small museum and there is a pictorial record of the major events in his life. The ashram is open from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm (7 pm between April and September). Admission is free.There is a sound-and-light show for a small charge at 6:30 pm (in Gujarati) and 8:30 pm (in English on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday and in Hindi on the other nights.

Kankaria Lake

Kankaria LakeSouth-east of the city, this artificial lake, complete with an island summer palace, was constructed in 1415 and has 34 sides, each 60m long. Once frequented by Emperor Jehangir and Empress Nur Jahan, it is now a local picnic spot. There's a huge zoo and children's park by the lake, and the Ghattamendal pavilion in the center houses an aquarium.

Source: ahmedabadtourism.in

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