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    Samved Orthopaedic Hospital
    "Samved" Hospital
    3rd Floor, Near Sopan Flats, On Stadium Circle to Commerce College Six Roads, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad - 380 009.
    Tel: +91 79 2656 2993
    Email: samvedortho@yahoo.com

Emergency Helpline No: +91 - 89805 95959

Joint Replacement - Revision Joint Replacement

"When joints fail"
Samved Orthopaedic Hospital is one of the few centers in western belt of India to have equipments required for Revision Arthroplasty like Ultrasonic cement removal ie Orthosonics from Germany supplemented by Bonebank.

Further its team of Doctors have been specially trained at various world acclaimed centers for Revision Joint Arthroplasty. The team is performing one of the highest number of revision joint replacement surgeries in India.

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